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1 a crafty and involved plot to achieve your (usually sinister) ends [syn: machination]
2 a clandestine love affair


1 cause to be interested or curious [syn: fascinate]
2 form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner [syn: scheme, connive]

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  • (noun) , /ˈɪntriːɡ/, /"Intri:g/
  • (verb) , /ɪnˈtriːɡ/, /In"tri:g/


  1. A complicated or clandestine plot or scheme intended to effect some purpose by secret artifice; conspiracy; stratagem.
  2. The plot of a play, poem or romance; the series of complications in which a writer involves his imaginary characters.
  3. Clandestine intercourse between persons; illicit intimacy; a liaison.



  1. To conceive or carry out a secret plan intended to harm; to form a plot or scheme.
  2. To arouse the interest of; to fascinate.
  3. To have clandestine or illicit intercourse.




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Intrigue is a Sámi band from Kárášjohka Karasjok, Norway that sings in North Sami and English.



  1. Is This The End
  2. Revolution
  3. Star In The Night
  4. Iešjávre luntat
  5. Angel Heart
  6. Need Your Love
  7. Liar
  8. Voodoo Child
  9. Orbin
  10. Fight The Evil One
  11. Change


  1. Eadni nieida
  2. Iešjávr' lunttat
  3. 29/Deanu Máijá
  4. Orbina


  1. Niegadan
  2. Duoddara giron
  3. Engel
  4. Áibbašan
  5. Ella
  6. Goaskinviellja
  7. Hide
  8. Crying
  9. Tundra
  10. Áillohaš
  11. Sacrificed


  • Øyvind Karlsen - drums
  • Frank Rasmus - bass
  • Tore Skoglund - guitar
  • Kai Somby - vocals

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Byzantine intrigues, absorb, adulterous affair, adultery, affair, amor, amour, angle, appeal, art, artful dodge, artfulness, artifice, attract, backstairs influence, becharm, beguile, bewitch, blind, brew, cabal, captivate, carry away, cast a spell, charm, chicanery, cogitate, collogue, collude, collusion, complicity, complot, concoct, confederacy, connections, connivance, connive, conspiracy, conspire, contrivance, contrive, contriving, cook up, countermine, counterplot, coup, covin, craft, craftiness, credibility gap, cuckoldry, cute trick, deals, deceit, deceitfulness, deception, deep-laid plot, design, device, devise, disingenuousness, dodge, double-dealing, enchant, engineer, engineering, enrapture, enravish, entanglement, enthrall, entrance, eternal triangle, excite, expedient, fakement, falseheartedness, fascinate, feint, fetch, finagle, finagling, finesse, flirtation, forbidden love, forswearing, frame, frame up, frame-up, fraud, gambit, game, games, gerrymander, gimmick, grift, guile, hanky-panky, hatch, hatch a plot, hatch up, hypnotize, illicit love, infatuate, infidelity, influence peddling, insincerity, interest, intimacy, intrigues, jockey, jugglery, knavery, lay a plot, liaison, little game, lobbying, lobbyism, love affair, machinate, machination, maneuver, maneuvering, manipulate, manipulation, mesmerize, move, operate, perjury, pique, play games, plot, plotting, ploy, ploys, practice, pull strings, racket, red herring, rig, rigging, romance, romantic tie, ropes, ruse, scheme, schemery, schemes, scheming, sharp practice, shift, sleight, spell, spellbind, stratagem, strategy, strings, subterfuge, tactic, titillate, transport, triangle, trick, trickery, uncandidness, uncandor, underplot, unfaithfulness, unfrankness, unsincereness, untruthfulness, vamp, wangle, web of intrigue, wile, wily device, wire-pulling, wires, witch
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